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James Says…

“During a very hard time, Sue helped me find the peace I already had in myself. Her deep well of patience and her sense of humor brought an ease to our conversations, and a lightness I couldn’t see myself. Without her, I wouldn’t have the confidence, power, and strength I do today.”

Tobin R. Says…

“Sue has a great coaching style that makes it easy for me to talk to her and get down to what is holding me back in life. She has really helped me to change my outlook on life. Sue has provided me with tools that allow me to look at myself and my future in a more positive way. She has taught me how to stop dwelling on the challenges and problems (which only brings more problems), and to change my thinking to focus on the positive outcomes that I envision for myself. Sue has also shown me how to feel gratitude for all things small and large, which sets the tone to a positive day. Thank you, Sue!”

Candice T. Says…

Sue is an amazing, compassionate, and skilled professional. Whether you are in for a massage or a coaching session you will get more than you expected walking in the door. She listens with her entire body and soul and what you receive is exactly what you needed. I would highly recommend booking a session with her.”

Greg Says…

“Sue has the biggest heart and is so easy to talk to. She makes you feel so relaxed. I felt I had known her my whole life. Her outlook and personal guidance will help you get on the right track. She has opened my eyes and helped me see that our thoughts are so powerful. Please reach out to her. You cannot wait another day. Let her teach you how to manifest what you truly want out of your life. I’ve had some amazingly awesome things happen to me already. Sue is helping me get my power back. Let her help you too. You will be so happy you did. Sue will help you change your life forever.”

Marie Says…

“A colleague referred Sue to me at one of the worst emotional times in my life. She was a lifeline for me and now that I’m past that terrible time, I realize that she was my saving grace.

Sue held my hand, sat quietly when I cried (sometimes screamed), called me out on my bullshit, and kept me accountable when I needed her to. So many times I would get an email exactly when I needed it. I often thought and said, “Get out of my head!” But then she would remind me, “You let me in.” and I’m so grateful that I did!

Sue is a unique and a beautiful soul in a world that can, sometimes, be hard to understand.
She’s funny, sweet, badass, and spiritual in a way that I needed her to be to arrive where I am today.
I’m grateful for every second I get to spend with her and would recommend her to God if he needed to talk to someone!!! Seriously…she’s that good!

Her passion for helping others is palpable and her strength and light are passed to all who are lucky enough to have her on their life’s journey.

I am a better person for having met her.”

Carla Says…

“Sue is one of my life-lines as I have been living through (and beyond) a divorce (after 23 years of marriage), the very unexpected death of my brother, and also the loss of my dear self-adopted mother. This year has given me opportunities to cleanse, grow, learn, release, trust, love, connect, mourn, and celebrate! Sue guides me to a higher-self that includes nurturing, confidence, self-love, and awareness. It’s not easy work, but it is possible with the loving approach Sue offers.

I can only say that Sue has guided me on this journey with authentic love, supportive attention to detail through careful listening, and brutal (yet loving) honesty. She has spread her loving wings and held me as I have fallen, gotten up, fallen again, and have now started to fly again myself.

She has empowered me with her guidance, knowledge, confidence, and strength!”

Walter Says…

Before meeting Sue, my life was a mess. I was going through a divorce, my head was filled with negative thoughts and feelings, and I was lost in a downward spiral. I was recently sober upon meeting, and that is something that has continued to this day.

I attended a meet-up group hosted by Sue that open my eyes to a whole New World.

I received tools and knowledge on how to change my thought patterns and understand that thoughts were just thoughts. Nothing more than that. The biggest thing Sue taught me was the laws of attraction and about the universe, which I knew nothing of.

What surprised me the most was how much fun I’ve learned hundreds of new things about myself with Sue. While laughing, joking, and smiling, she was able to get her point across. The best part was I never felt as though she judged me for my mistakes in the past. She made it very clear that everyone makes mistakes, and the key is the ability to Move On in life.

I’ve been working with Sue on and off for two years as my work schedule has allowed. People around me have commented multiple times on the positive changes they’ve seen in me. They didn’t know what happened or what I was doing, but something was different. My outlook on the future and self-confidence Open new possibilities daily for me. I directly credit this to the tools Sue has given me to handle any situation. A byproduct of my time with Sue is now having the best relationship with my daughter than I ever could have imagined. Something I was in jeopardy of losing.

This may sound cliché, but I was definitely lost before I met Sue. Now I wake up every morning greeting the world with a smile and the attitude that I can and will succeed in everything I try.

If your life requires a change and you’re open and willing, Sue will give you every tool you need to change the world you were living in. The work isn’t easy, but the dividends are genuinely life-changing.

Jason “Finally Smiling Again” Mann Says…

“What can I say about Sue. Sue has helped save my life from ruin. I don’t say that lightly either. Her coaching made me search deep within myself to find the problems and correct them.

If you’re looking for help, hire Sue. It’s just smart. Don’t sit there and wonder if it’s worth it. Your peace of mind, happiness, and life are worth WAY more than money. Hire Sue. You won’t regret it. Don’t be like me and wait until you’re completely broken before seeking help. Sue has helped change the direction of my life. She is continuing to help me. Every session with her is a profound event.

I can say without flinching I would still be broken emotionally and physically without Sue’s coaching/help/support/love. She is simply too cool for school. I really cannot put into words just how much she has helped me. It goes beyond words really. Soul Therapy is now a must do thing for me. Hire her. You’ll be glad you did.”

Nicole H. Says…

“Sue is an amazing coach and so much more. I can’t say enough about her, her skills, and the value. I highly recommend her and her services.

Sue and her ability to truly read your needs are unsurpassed. I can’t wait for my next appointment with her. If you’re looking for a comfortable caring environment Sue is the right provider for you.”

Sue Burhoe Life Coach

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